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What is CUNYfirst?

CUNYfirst is a fully integrated resource and a tool service. It is an online portal that offers a lot of useful tools and resources to the students who study in the campus affiliated to CUNYfirst login. The main motive is to offers students with necessities that can improve their technical and knowledge skills. It also offers online classes on several topics so that they can learn the topics with comforts and their devices.

CUNYfirst login
CUNYfirst login

CUNY is a suite of software that will replace the computer system, overseeing student administration, finance and human resource that have served CUNY for over a generation. So it is an initiative to implement a single, unified ERP system on all the CUNY campuses. It is playing a key role in the transformation of the university and the promotion of an integrated CUNY. Check Getmyollocard offers & rewards online.

CUNYfirst Login Portal

CUNYfirst MyInfo is now available to the student as a mobile application for Android 4.1 or later. Both the iOS and Android versions of the MyInfo application for the students.

CUNYfirst represents a change process that will affect how business functions are experienced by faculty, students and staff. It is a Queens borough student registering for a class to another CUNY school with ease. With CUNYfirst every student will have one identity across the entire CUNY system. It is an accounting assistant clicking onto an icon on the screen to order the items, electronic authorisation for the orders completed in a second. It is an employee applying and being selected for a position at another CUNY school.

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What Is CUNYsmart?

Strategic Management analytics and reporting tool is an enterprise solution by CUNY that functions as a reporting business intelligence platform. It features the data which includes historical and current information which is displayed can easily understandable and it is in the form of a secure manner.

This platform will initially feature data from CUNYfirst login including the finance, HR, procurement and students’ information will follow the future platforms for data and sources will be added.

How To Do CUNYfirst Login?

The CUNYfirst login is a sign-in procedure that you need to complete to access all the services of CUNY. While performing the login procedure you need to have a login username and password. The username is followed by “” which is added to ensure the username authentication.

After completing the login details you will allow all the CUNY services like a blackboard, CUNY first, CUNY smart. There are some steps to be followed to log in to the account.

  • To begin with, the procedure, visit the official visit
  • Wait for the CUNY login page to load.
  • After that, you will be presented with a login form.
  • Enter your CUNY login username in the space provided.
  • After that enter the password to login into the site.
  • After entering the username and password then tap on the “login button”.

How To Reset CUNYfirst Login Password?

If you forget your password then there is a method which you have to follow to reset your password.

  • Visit the official website CUNY password reset page

    CUNY Portal
    CUNY Portal
  • If you’re a student then enter your User ID or if you are an instructor then enter your employee ID in the space provided.
  • After that click on the OK button.
  • After that wait for the additional instructions to appear on the screen and follow the instructions to rest the CUNYfirst password.

How To Signup CUNYfirst Account?

  • Visit the official page
  • Enter the details for the web page, the details you need to enter is your first and last name, date of birth, and last four digits of your SS#.
  • Now click on I’m not a robot.
  • And then click on the ok button.
  • Next, follow the instructions on the screen and signup the account.

What Is CUNY Blackboard?

It is an application that can be accessed by logging the CUNY online portal. The Blackboard applications allow professor and instructor to upload the classwork online so that it will help the students in keeping the track of the different classwork.

Instructors can upload various resources to the related topic platform, which helps the students to study easily. Students can also interact with instructors with the platform to clear their doubts and topic-related queries.

What Is CUNY Virtual Bookstore?

A bookstore is an application developed in collaboration with vendors with Akademos. It is a platform that features several education and technical resources for the students with disabilities thus helping them to study better. These is a platform that is regularly updated to make online learning better online learning spaces of students with disabilities. It also features a customer service team to assists students with any help they require while using the platform.

About The Company CUNYfirst

The full form of CUNY stands for the City University Of New York, it is a public university system of the state of New York in the United States Of America. It is the largest United States Urban university system. Many people often think that SUNY and CUNY both are the same, but both the university are different. But both the university funding is done in the States of New York.

The main difference between CUNY and SUNY is CUNY is located only in New York City whereas SUNY is located throughout the New York sates. The CUNY is the United States’ third-largest university system which has one of the most diverse bodies of the student’s comparison to all other universities.

CUNY was established in the year 1961 which has 270000 students, 45000 staff, and has 24 campuses that are affiliated under the university. This is the best university with well-developed staff.

CUNYfirst Customer Service

If you have any queries the company provides a toll-free number to solve the problems of the customers. 1-800-286-9937 is a toll-free you can call from 8.00AM-10.00PM. The problem can be solved by the company within 24 hours.

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F.A.Q About Cunyfirst Login Portal

As we know many people struggle to find out some most important questions and answers, So here we shared most important list below:

  • How do I log into CUNfirst?

Ans: First of all when you claim your account, enter https://home. in your browser’s address bar. Enter your CUNYfirst username and password and click the Submit button to log in to the CUNYfirst home page.

  • What is a CUNfirst ID?

Ans: To access these applications, your username is your Student Email address. Your password is your eight digit CUNYfirst ID (same as your EMPLID) and the last two digits of your birth year. For example: If your CUNYfirst ID (EMPLID) is 13259674 and you were born in 1991, then your Campus Password is: 1325967491.

  • How Do I find my CUNfirst username?

Ans:  To get your cuny1st username & get your 8-digit cuny id # you must claim your account at the following website then click on “first time users”. parenthesis: mm/dd/yyyy. Click “ok” & wait for the next screen to open.

  • What is the CUNfirst username?
  • How Do I get my CUNfirst ID?

Ans: View your CUNYfirst ID to see where it can be found. You can also look up your CUNYfirst ID (EMPLID) and Live Student Email Username by going to the Look Up page on our website. If you have questions, please send an email to or call (718) 482-5935.

  • What is an EMPLID?

Ans: EMPLID is the unique CUNY identification number assigned to every student, faculty and staff member in CUNYfirst.

  • Where can I find my CUNY Emplid?
  • What are my CUNY Login account credentials (username and password)?

Ans: If you are a CUNY student and/or employee, your CUNY Login account username will be in the format, where “NN” is the last 2+ digits of your CUNY EMPLID. If you are a guest user, your CUNY Login account username will be the one you set in the CUNY Portal.

Most students will be prompted to claim/activate their CUNY Login account and set a password as part of the online student application process; most employees as part of the new-hire onboarding process. If you have not set the password for your CUNY Login account, you can use the New User link at the bottom of the CUNY Login page.

  • Whats is my GPA?
  • How do I contact CUNyfirst?
  • Why can’t I bookmark the new CUNY Login page?

Ans: If you access the CUNY Login page directly, such as via a bookmark or by manually entering the page URL into your browser address bar, you will see an error page because the service will not know which application you are trying to access. Although a bookmark to the CUNY Login page will not work, you can bookmark the link used to open the CUNY Login page for a specific application.

  • What is the procedure for activate CUNYfirst?
  • Are CUNY Login credentials only used on the CUNYfirst Login page?

Ans:  No, not all applications are compatible with the CUNYfirst Login service. Some applications use a different login service with a different login page and are not single sign-on (SSO) enabled, but still use the CUNYfirst Login credentials so users do not have to remember a separate set of credentials.

  • How do I claim my CUNYfirst account online?


It is the best site for the students to learn. It provides the online classes so that students can easily learn, they can also record the online classes which they can see when they are free. There is no difficulty in the signup and CUNYfirst login process, it can be done easily. The problem can also be solved within hours. You can choose the subjects of your preference. Every student must download the app so, that it improves the knowledge of the students without attending the classes.

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