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About Fortiva Credit Card

Fortiva Credit Card: The bank of Missouri offers you with a program of Fortiva Credit Card. The program consists of sudden response and presents the paperless process so that they provide their customers with a great platform for programs.

The people having the subprime credit can use the Fortiva financials credit card which is an unsecured MasterCard. you can use the card everywhere the MasterCard is accepted. The fee fraud liability is $ and EMV chip is embedded which helps you to reduce the risk. Customers will get access to monitor the free credit score and the reports are received by all the three major credit bureaus. This will help you to raise the credit and keep an eye on the progress during this process. Also there are many cards available like BP credit card, My vanilla Card, Preapprovedtotal visa card and many more.

Fortiva Credit Card
Fortiva Credit Card

Fortiva Credit Card Reviews

The rates and the other terms of the credit card depend on some of the conditions. After approving the card, the Fortiva Financial will provide you with details about the interest fee, rewards rate, etc. Be careful as it charges with a high annual rate and APR. In the case the credit score is poor then you have to pay more to the lenders.

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The card is great for you if you build your credit and it is one of the unsecured cards that accept your approval with bad credit. You should select the secured card that costs you at a low price and helps you to build your credit so that you can be qualified and enjoy the card.

How To Apply For Fortiva Credit Card

There are some reasons which you have to consider while applying for the Fortiva Credit Card.

Designed for customers with poor credit: –

If you’re having a low credit you are accepted by the Fortiva Credit Card. You don’t have to submit any security deposit like secured cards. This is a great offer for the people who are in search of building their credit rating but are refused by the other credits cards due to low credit.

To Build Your Credit You Can Take Help By Using This Card: –

All three credit bureaus take a report from the Fortiva Credit Card every month. You can easily boost your credit score by making regular payments on time. After you sign up for an account you will get free 3.0 as a vantage score. This is the same score that the lenders want when you complete the application process for a new loan from where you will come to know where you are standing.

Annual Fee: –

In the first year of your card, the annual fee you have to pay is $49-$175, then after the first year onwards, the fee is $0-$49.

APR: –

  • The APR charged for purchase is 21.99%-36% that depends on your creditworthiness.
  • cash advances the APR charged is 24.99%-36%.
  • The APR charged to you for balance transfers 24.99%-36%.
  • There is no sign-up bonus.

Benefits Of Fortiva Credit Card: –

There are some of the benefits of the Fortiva Credit Card they are: –

  • EMV Chip: –

Keeping your identity secure in today’s digital world can be challenging. The Fortiva  Card works to prevent fraud and identify theft. It comes with an EMV chip build in the card. This adds an extra layer of security to every transaction you make. You will be able t shop without worrying as much about the potential risk.

  • Easy Credit Approval For People With Poor Credit: –

People who have poor credit have severely limited in which credit cards they can and can’t receive. You’re usually tied to s secured credit card that is very limit. The Fortiva MasterCard is different. It is specially made to help people with poor credit rebuild without a secured card’s traditional restrictions.

  • Reports Payment History To Credit Bureaus: –

As long as you pay your bill on time each month, the card can help build your credit. It reports to all the three credit bureaus each month. The monthly reporting will help you start to build a solid history payment. It makes the customers more prone and approves you for other cards or loans.

  • Free Access To Credit Score: –

The Fortiva Credit Card gives you access to your credit score. You can monitor it each month to watch your payment history. Resolving things can also give your credit score a needed boost.

  • $0 fraud liability: –

As per the report, you will get $0 fraud liability. Your lender will wipe out the purchase and restore your card balance. It is subject to MasterCard liability rules and regulations.

  • Lower minimum payments: –

The Fortiva Credit Card comes with a very low minimum monthly payments. You have to pay just 1% of your balance of $10. If possible don’t use over 33%  of your total balance and pay it in full each month.

  • No Security Deposit Required: –

There is no security deposit to open the card since it is poor credit. It does not require since it is an unsecured card. However, there may be another fee to consider with the Fortiva MasterCard.

Drawbacks Of Fortiva Credit Card: –

There are some of the drawbacks of the fortiva Credit Card.

  • Highest First Year Fees: –

You have to pay a one-time program fee annual fee in your first year of opening a card. The amount you have to pay is around $200 and this is just for the privilege of having the card.

  • No Credit Increases: –

Even if you make every payment on time you are not able to get a credit line increase. The credit line amount looks at your credit score it means it could be on the low end. You have to build your credit on another card.

  • Fortiva Card Fees: –

The Fortiva Credit Card fees are high when compared to other cards. The annual fee ranges from $49-$175 per year. And the maintenance fee ranges from $60-$159 per year.

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Why Fortiva Retail Credit?

There are many reasons why fortiva retail credit is good among them one is this, As the leading second look consumer credit program  Fortiva Retail Credit is the only second look financing program serviced by a publicly traded company with decades of more experience servicing credit-challenged consumers.

More Approvals

Proprietary underwriting prices for risk based on proven analytics.

Fortiva Credit Card Approvals

Instant Decisioning

Paperless      +   Instant Decisioning          =    Approved

(Customer         ( Less Than 10 Seconds )         Easy Process



Fortiva Credit Card Decisions

What is Second Look Financing?

When your prime lender turns down your customer, you don’t have to go straight to a high cost alternative or (worse yet) lose the sale.

Higher Take Rates

Not all customers fit into the traditional lending format, and a credit score does not always give the whole picture. Our second look financing option offers a payment alternative with longer terms and lower payments than tertiary lending options (depending on industry).

Fortiva Credit Card Second Look Financing

More Satisfied Customers

Customers who are able to secure credit through you when they have been denied elsewhere helps build a greater sense of loyalty. From making one sale work, you can open yourself up to years of future sales.

F.A.Q Related To Fortiva Credit Card

Many people got clear some doubts or some having query so here we shared standard Question and answers related to fortiva credit card reviews, rates & many more things.

  • What is second look financing?

Ans: When your customer is rejected by your prime provider, second look is the loan alternative before resorting to lease to own programs. For more information about second look financing and how it can help you increase sales and decrease the number of customers walking out the door.

  • How do I become a merchant?

Ans: Getting started with Fortiva Retail Credit is an easy, 5-step process and only requires you to provide the following information:

  • Merchant application with owner(s) signatures and SSN number(s)
  • Copy of business and relevant professional license and incorporation documents
  • Cancelled check or bank letter for ACH remittance
  • Location sheet if more than one store location
  • Signed pricing sheet
  • What is the consumer application process?

Ans: They have designed application to be the same process as for your prime provider. As a result, it is easy to train your sales force and provides the best possible experience for your customer. And, yes, process is really paperless.

  • Is Fortiva available in all 50 states?

Ans: Yes

  • How long until the credit decision is made?

Ans:  Instant decisioning – less than 60 seconds.

  • Types of financing options?

Ans: With Fortiva Retail Credit, merchants can offer revolving line-of-credit, at 29.9% APR. Interest amortizes over two years.

  • When will I receive my money?

Ans: Depending on the industry, you can receive your money as quickly as the next day.

  • What are your credit limits?

Ans: Credit limits vary by industry. Limits can be as low as $3,000, and in some industries up to $40,000.

  • Do we use FICO score?

Ans: Fortiva Retail Credit uses its own proprietary models, powered by over 20 years of lending experience. The FICO score is a component of what we consider, yet not the full picture. By relying on proprietary models developed over such a long period of time, they are able to approve customers who are ignored or declined by other lenders.

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Fortiva Credit Card is best for those who’s credit score is low, and it is an unsecured card. The best thing in the card is it has an EMV chip with a thick layer that is secure for the deposit. The disadvantage is it has a higher fee for an annual year. So, it must be controlled then it will be the best card. We will cover in depth about Fortiva credit card although you think something missing please write in the comment section, Definitely we will cover that also. Visit Vishvesham blog for credit card, Survey, Sweepstakes and general Guidelines.

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