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What is GetMyOlloCard?

Getmyollocard or Ollo card serves under the bank of Missouri. It issues both the credit and debit cards under the MasterCard. It offers several attractive offers for customers. It eliminates credit card fees, it carries no penalty rate, no annual fee, no return payment fee, no over limit fee, no foreign transaction fee.


It offers unique rewards for good payment behavior. After making the payments for the first five months, cardholders are eligible for an increase in a credit limit. The Ollo card rewards MasterCard with the same features as the Ollo Platinum MasterCard. The consumer has a chance to win a cashback on everyday purchase 2% on the purchase at gas stationery, grocery, drugstore. There is no limit on the number of rewards you earn, they will never expire as long as the account is open. Also know about some other credit cards like Fortiva credit card reviews, Preapprovedtotal, My vanilla debit card and mybpcredit card online.

MyOlloCard Com Reviews

it is designed for the customers who are in the final rounds of rebuilding their credit rating. It comes in the form of Ollo Platinum MasterCard and Ollo Reward MasterCard. Customers who have approved for the card they receive the mail to activate the card online before it can be used for purchase.

To apply the card the applicant needs a reservation number, access code, and mailing code. Reservation number and access code can be found on promotional MyOllocard. It is the best credit card for consumers.

This card belongs to and issued by Fair Square Financial Holdings LLC. This organization works in a collaboration with The Bank Of Missouri and MasterCard International. You have to register the account on the website to get the latest updates on the card.

Who Can Avail GetMyOlloCard

There are some rules of the company which you have to follow while applying for the card. Even there are some restrictions made by the company.

  • This card can be avail for those who have a bad credit score or low rating.
  • Your profile will maintain a better opportunity to create a credit building.
  • It is available for the persons who have mediocre credit and can’t avail of other credit cards.
  • Applicants who are above the age of 18 years can only apply for the card.
  • Applicants must be a registered citizen of the United States.

Opportunities from GetMyOllocard

There are some opportunities given to the customers by the company.

It offers two types of credit cards for its valuable customers. Both the cards are of MasterCard.

  • Ollo Platinum
  • Ollo Rewards.

To apply for any type of the card who have to visit the official website At first, you have to register your account on a website.

Features Of OlloCard

There are some of the features of the Ollo Card they are.

  • It is an opportunity for the people who are in the second stage of credit building.
  • GetMyOlloCard provides the services to credit score varying from mid to high 600s.
  • It provides the best service and keeps their customers updated through an official website
  • There are no charges, no annual fee, no foreign transaction charges.
  • The Bank of Missouri has the official copyright for issuing a card from MasterCard International.
  • The credit line increases automatically.
  • There is no reward program. You will have a fixed credit term.
  • If there is a late submission then there will be a penalty of $38.
  • It carries a high-interest rate as compared to other cards. The fee ranges from $0-$39 in some cases.
  • This service is applicable only for the people who are staying in the United States. People from Canada and Mexico cannot apply for the card.
  • This service is applicable only for the United States residents and they must be above the age of 18 years.
  • It requires only 60seconds or less to get a response from the official website after submitting the form.
  • The customer service is from the United States.

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How To Get Registered On GetMyOlloCard

There are few steps to get registered on GetMyOlloCard.

  • Once you get registered you have to enter a “Reservation Number” and “Access Code”.
  • Both of these are found at the bottom of the offer letter received in the mail.
  • It provides the opportunity to enhance the credit score.
  • It makes competent for graced MasterCard with services like American Express and Chase.

Ollo Platinum Card

Everyone must know the Platinum card. There are some of the features of Platinum Card are: –

  • It does not charge an annual fee.
  • It automatic increases the credit line.
  • It does not involve any surprise fee, no returned check, and no foreign transaction charges.
  • It gives the customer service 24×7.
  • The cash advance fee varies from $5-$10.
  • The balance transfer charge is from $4%-$5%.
  • The minimum interest rate is $1.50.

OlloCard Rewards and Offers

There are some rewards and offers given by the company to its customers are.

  • It gives discounts on gas stations, drug stores, grocery and store shopping up to 2%.
  • It offers a 1% off rate on all the purchases.
  • There is no expiry date on the reward which has allotted.
  • There are some additional features such as zero surprise, no bouncing back, no additional foreign transaction charges.
  • The annual fee is mediocre.
  • Customer service is available for 24×7.

Comparison Between Ollo Platinum Card & Rewards Mastercard

Now we will talking about Myollocard MasterCard, There are mainly 2 cards as mention in the above. So will comparison between them as below:

Ollocard Features Ollo Platinum Matercard Ollo Rewards Mastercard
Annual Fees Almost Free 0$ Range Between $0 to $39
Earning Rate None 2% Cashback on gas station & 1% cashback on others
Mostly Used For For Balance Transfer For Cashback Purpose
APR 24.99% Approx 24.99% Approx
Network Mastercard Mastercard

Ollo Card Customer Service Phone Number

Customer service is always available for its customers to solve the problem. You can contact on a toll -free number 1-877-494-0020 (within the United States).

  • Getmyollocard Toll Free Number: 1-877-494-0020

If you are not residing in America then you can contact a toll-free number 1-516-224-5600. Customer representatives can solve their problems on a phone call or within 24 hours. It gives the best customer service. You can also mail on P.O Box 9222, Old Bethpage, NY 11804-92222.

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F..A.Q About GetmyOlloCard

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Ollo card is the best credit card for those have low credit ratings. It is only for those people who are the residents of the United States. There is no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee for the credit cardholder. It gives the best customer service to its customers. The registration of the Getmyollocard is simple and easy. After the registration of the account, you will get a mail of registration number and access code which you have to use at the time of login to an account at our website. GetMyollocard website gives all the information about your card. But one of the disadvantages is it has a higher interest rate.

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