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JPay Login & Sign up

JPay login is a website that is introduced by the JPay company for its customers and employees so that the customers or employees can log in to their account and enjoy all the services provided by the company.

Jpay Email Login
Jpay Email Login

If you want to log in to the JPay website then you must have a username and password, without that you can’t log in to your account. The login procedure is simple so that it can be easily understood and can log in to your account easily.

There are many services provided by the JPay company like direct deposits, online payments through debit and cared cards, phone, email, and some other services. Many other credit & debit cards available like MyVanillaDebitCard Activation.  Fortiva credit card, Totalvisa credit card & many more.

JPay Login Features

There are many features of JPay login. There are some interesting features they are: –

  • You can stay connected with your close or loved ones even when they are in prison.
  • It helps to send emails by attaching the files.
  • You can send money to an inmate while using a money transfer.

    Jpay login
    Jpay login
  • With the help of a JP5 tablet, you can play games, send emails, listen to music and even access to an education platform.
  • An incarcerated person will receive your email with 48 hours.
  • You can share a 30 seconds videogram with others through email.

Procedure to Get Register Your Account

At first, you need to register an account of what you want to log in. login is possible only when you get to register your account. You have to follow a simple procedure to register an account.

  • You must have a laptop, computer or a smart device.
  • A device must have a good and stable internet connection.
  • The device must have a web browser that supports your system.
  • You must know the state and the English language.
  • Must have an inmate ID which is been provided by the administrator.
  • Then on the register page, you have to fill the form with the details of state and ID.
  • After that you have to enter your name, phone number, email.
  • Then you have to create a strong password, this will help you to get a log in to your account.
  • After that you have click on the “Enter” button.
  • At last, your account will be registered by using this procedure.

Steps to Login To JPay Account

Log in the procedure can be easily understood by everyone. you must have an email address and a password. You have to enter an email address which has been registered at the company, and not another email address. Both an email address and password must match to get log in to your account. Some steps must be followed by everyone to get a log in to an account. Few of the steps are: –

  • Firstly, you must have a computer, laptop or a smart device.
  • Then a device must be must a reliable internet connection and with a supported web browser.
  • After that you have to search for a website
  • Then you will be reloaded to the home page of JPay.
  • Next, you have to enter an email address which you have registered with a company.
  • Then you have to enter a password which you have created at the time of registration. A password must be strong so that no one can hack your account.
  • After you have seen that the information which you have entered is correct or not.
  • If yes, then you have to tap on a “Log In” option.
  • After that, you will be reloaded to the next page.
  • At last, you will enjoy all the services which are provided by the company.

About JPay Company

Jpay is a private company based on corrections related service providers. It has a contract with the state Departments Of Corrections to provide technologies and services which includes email, money transfer, video visitation, parole and payments of probation to millions of inmates throughout 35 states.

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It is a type of a subsidiary company and an industry of inmate video and financial services for the corrections market. JPay company was founded in the year 2002, Errol Feldman is a Chief Executive Officer of the company.

The headquarters of the company is located in Miramar, Florida. Nearly 500 employees are working in the company. When the company was founded in 2002, Ryan Shapiro is a Chief Executive Officer and a Founder.

Jpay Company Information

In the year 2009, JPay services expanded to offer an inmate MP3 player, JP3 and library music tracks for purchase. In the year 2012, JPay has launched a tablet, to design for the corrections industry which enables us to read drafts and mails, listen to music and to play games. It also allows inmates to view, attach videograms.

JPay ‘s tablet has been distributed in seven DOC agencies which include, Florida, Washington, Michigan, North Dakota, Virginia, Georgia, and Louisiana. In the year 2015 JPay was acquired by Securus Technologies, though the terms of the agreement were kept secret.

JPay offers electronic payment and the options of deposits which include credit and debit card payments via phone, online and mobile apps channels. The company has a relation with a MoneyGram, to accept the cash at U.S  agent location, like CVS/Pharmacy and Walmart.

JPay companies have been one of the corporate support to the Creative Corrections EducationFoundation, a non-profit founded by a Texas Warden, which collects contributions from inmates prison from corporate sponsorship for the children of inmates prison. It has provided $63,000 in scholarships in the previous two years.

Jpay Customer Contact Service Centre

In this section we shared some social media official links and contact information or headquarters.

Jpay Contact Information

  • To JPay, Inc,
  • 12864 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 243,
  • Miami, FL 33181

Jpay Phone Number or Contact Number

  • Jpay Contact Number: (800) 574 5729 or 1 (800) 574-5729

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F.A.Q About Jpay Login

We shared most popular questions and answers related to Jpya login & sign up portal as below:

  • How do I sign up for Jpay?
  • What is Jpay app?
  • How do I send money to an inmate using Jpay?
  • Can inmate see your address on Jpay?
  • What is Jpay email?
  • Why would my Jpay account blocked?
  • What is Jpay money transfer?
  • Do you have to pay for Jpay?
  • How much does a Jpay tablet cost?
  • What is Jpay phone number?

Ans:  1 (800) 574-5729

  • How do I speak to someone at Jpay?
  • What Do I Do If My Payment Was Declined on Jpay?
  • What Do I Do If I’m Having Problems with My Jpay App?
  • How Do I Recover My Account Access to Jpay?
  • How much does a Jpay table cost?


JPay is the best online website where customers and employees will be benefited from many of the services provided by the company. It helps to make direct deposits, payments by cards, phone, email. It has launched a JP5 tablet in which you can play games, listen to music, access to education and some other benefits.

You can log in to your account easily by entering an email address and a password. If you have any queries regarding Jpay login & sign up portal then you can contact a customer service number 800-574-5729. A customer executive will solve your problem with a phone call or within 48 hours.

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