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Olive Garden Survey

Many people searching what is Ogtogosurvey or Olive Garden Survey. So here we shared some general guidelines or information. The Olive Garden restaurant has introduced a new website www.ogtogosurvey.com where the customers can give their feedback and opinion. These opinions and feedback are taken seriously by the company and can improve the company. There are many food survey sweepstakes available like CicisVisit Pizza Survey Coupon, Tellbostonmarket, Mymichaelvisit and many more.


This survey generally collects the feedback and suggestions for their suggestions. This information is being used by the company as better service to increase the satisfaction level of the customers and to attract more people. After the completion of the Ogtogosurvey or Olive Garden Survey, the customer has a chance to enter the sweepstakes and win the prize of $1000 or an amazing prize of $50.


There are some of the rules which must be followed by everyone to participate in the Ogtogosurvey.

  • The Ogtogosurvey is available only for those who are legal residents of 50 United States and the district of Columbia.
  • People above 18 years are only allowed to take part in the survey.
  • Employees, directors, officers or any person related to Olive Garden are restricted to take part in the OGTOGOSUREVY.
  • To enter into the sweepstakes it is not mandatory to purchase or to make payment at olive Garden.
  • There is no limit for the customers to take part in the number of surveys, but each entry must have different survey code.

Requirements Of OGTOGOSURVEY: –

There are some requirements by the company which has to follow by the participants.

  • The first thing required is a computer or a laptop, a mobile device with a good internet connection.
  • The survey is available in the two version of site i.e. computer and mobile version.
  • You must have a purchase report from Olive Garden, as there are some of the details which are printed on the receipt.
  • You must have a basic knowledge of English or Spanish. There are two options available, you can any of the language.
  • In the last, you have a pen or pencil in case if you’re not taking the survey by mail.

Methods To Complete OGTOGOSURVEY: –

There are two different methods to complete the survey.

  • Online method.
  • Mail method.

Online Method To Complete OGTOGOSURVEY: –

There are some steps involved in the online method are: –

  • First of all, visit the official website ogtogosurvey.com
  • You must have a laptop or a computer, a mobile device with a good internet connection.
  • After that, the user will be redirected to the official page of the survey where a person has to choose a preferred language either English or Spanish.
  • After that, you have to enter the sweepstakes.
  • One must read all the rules and accept all the terms and conditions to know better about how to complete the survey.
  • Next, the customer is required to enter the survey ID in a particular space, the survey ID is printed on the purchase receipt.
  • Then click on the start button and proceed to fill the survey.
  • The next step is to answer the questions regarding food and services, answer the questions honestly so that the company takes it seriously about the improvement.
  • After answering all the questions then click on the “Next” button =.
  • Once the user customer has completed the survey he/she must provide the personal details such as first name, last name, residential address, zip code, email address and phone number.
  • After submitting the details click on the “Submit” button.

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Offline Method to Complete OGTOGOSURVEY: –

There are some steps involved in the offline method. It is very simple to take the survey through the mail, and it does not require any purchase receipt details.

  • In the first step, the customer is simply required to handwrite the name, residential address, telephone number, area code and age on a piece of paper.
  • The put the piece of the paper in the envelope.
  • And mail the envelope at Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes PMI Station, PO Box 3536, Southbury, CT 06488-3536 USA.
  • It must be made sure that the mail-in entries should be postmarked by the day following the close entry period. The mail must be received by the sponsor within 8 days of the close entry.

Olive Garden Survey Rewards: –

Participation in the survey is easy. After filling the form, answering all the questions honestly, completion of the survey you will get a chance to enter the sweepstakes and can win $1000 as a grand prize or a hundred $50 prizes.

About Olive Garden: –

Olive Garden is an American casual dining restaurant chain. It is specializing in Italian American Cuisine and wholly-owned subsidiary. So basically it is a subsidiary of Darden Restaurants. It is founded in the year 1982, by Bill Garden. The headquarters of the company is located in Orland, Florida. There is nearly 1000 location of the company. The areas served by the company are the United States, Western Canada, Mexico. Dave George is the president of Olive Garden, Dan Kiernan is the executive vice president of operations, Olive Gardens.

It serves different varieties of food items like Italian Cuisine (Pasta, Salads, Chicken, Seafood, Breadsticks). In June 2010 Olive Garden began to import parts of the menu from the chain and began selling in the smaller dessert portion.

Olive Garden Customer Service: –

If the user is facing any problem or any issue, having nay query regarding the products of a restaurant or regarding participation in the survey you can get a touch in with the customer support representative team of Olive Garden. You can dial a toll-free number 1-877-500-9706 to talk to the customer support representative and solve your problem. A customer is always a king for any business and the company must solve the problem.

Olive Garden Holiday Hours

Olive Garden restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day to allow our team members to spend time with their family and friends. Depending on the amount of business on the day before these holidays, the restaurants may close early. We leave this decision to the discretion of the management team. Please contact the restaurant directly for the scheduled closing time the day before Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve.

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F.A.Q About Olive Garden

  • What are the hours of operation for Olive Garden?

Ans: Olive Garden hours vary by location. Please find your nearest restaurant to see hours of operation. Lunch is served Monday through Friday until 3pm. Practice is to serve their dinner menu all day on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. As a courtesy to guests who ask, Olive Garden will provide a lunch menu at any time. There are some regional variations.

  • Does Olive Garden offer catering?

Ans: Catering Menu features generous family-sized Italian meals available for pickup that make party planning easy. So, for your next family dinner, special party or office gathering let Olive Garden help you delight guests with delicious Italian specialties. For your convenience, now offer delivery of Catering orders $75 or greater. All orders are subject to a 15% delivery fee up to $500, then 5% for every dollar thereafter. Learn more about Catering Delivery.

  • Where do I fill out a survey of my visit?

Ans: You may take a brief survey on our Ziosk tableside tablet after your meal. For takeout orders and at our Canadian restaurants, there is a unique code on your receipt which is needed in order to complete a survey.

  • How can I purchase your Gift Cards?

Ans: Purchase Gift Cards online or call 1-800-248-4935 (US) or 1-888-888-3341 (Canada) between 9am and 5pm EST.

  • How can I check the status of my gift card order?

Ans: You can check the status of your order by calling 1-800-248-4935 between the hours of 9am and 5pm EST or emailing GiftCardServices@OliveGarden.com.

  • How do I get the balance on my Gift Card?

Ans: You can check your balance online or call the phone number on the back of your card and follow the instructions.

Conclusion: –

Olive Garden is an American style cuisine restaurant that specialises in Italian cuisine which offers different varieties of food items. The food of the restaurant is the best and served to the customers. It has introduced the new website OGTOGOSURVEY to get the opinions and suggestions from the customers. After participating in the survey in returns the company gives $1000 as a sweepstakes prize. Almost all company giving rewards like Talk To Regal Guest Satisfaction Survey & Win $100, Tellbam, Talkto i Hop and more. Feedbacks and opinions are used to improve the business. The restaurant is having good customer support. OGTOGOSURVEY is a communication tool between the restaurant and the customers.

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  2. The service at the Olive Garden at 15770 North Freeway (Houston, Texas) is very poor and when I got home I found out that I was given the wrong meal they told me I would be given a gift card when I explained I lived on the opposite side of town I was told I came back and got my food and when I tried to explain some person told me that I was a liar and that I would not get anything. I spent a total of & 26.26 and I think that this was unfair and was told to talk John Hernandez but would be in the office on Monday, then Kaneesha hung up the phone in my face per the supervisor on duty. I would like for someone to call @713-8545593, my name is Cynthia Floyd.

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