The Top 10 Private Health Insurance Providers in Germany (1)

The Top 10 Private Health Insurance Providers in Germany

In a comprehensive study conducted by the German Society for Consumer Studies (DtGV) in March 2020, the evaluation focused on assessing the price-performance ratio and the quality of customer service offered by private health insurance providers in Germany. Out of over 40 health insurance companies nationwide, 19 were included in the rigorous examination.

The study comprised three primary areas, each assigned specific weightings:

  1. Rates & Conditions (60%): Evaluation of the services covered by proposed tariffs and the associated monthly contributions.
  2. Transparency & Convenience (25%): Assessment of the visibility of crucial insurance and contract conditions and the user-friendliness of the provider’s website.
  3. Customer Service (15%): Analysis of the treatment of test customers in terms of friendliness, courtesy, and the provision of comprehensive and competent advice.

The criteria for Rates and conditions and Transparency and convenience were expertly examined, considering specific minimum requirement profiles for employees, self-employed individuals, and civil servants. The focus was on outpatient, inpatient, and dental services. Additionally, the customer service of each provider underwent testing through five test calls.

The Top 10 Private Health Insurance Companies in Germany are as follows:

  1. HanseMerkur
    • Overall Score: 86.7%
    • Rating: 1.9 (Good)
  2. ARAG
    • Overall Score: 85.8%
    • Rating: 1.9 (Good)
  3. Hallesche
    • Overall Score: 82.4%
    • Rating: 2.2 (Good)
  4. SDK
    • Overall Score: 82.2%
    • Rating: 2.2 (Good)
  5. uniVersa
    • Overall Score: 81.6%
    • Rating: 2.2 (Good)
  6. Alte Oldenburger
    • Overall Score: 81.5%
    • Rating: 2.2 (Good)
  7. R+V
    • Overall Score: 81.1%
    • Rating: 2.3 (Good)
  8. Münchener Verein
    • Overall Score: 80.2%
    • Rating: 2.3 (Good)
  9. DKV
    • Overall Score: 78.8%
    • Rating: 2.4 (Good)
  10. Württembergische
    • Overall Score: 77.9%
    • Rating: 2.5 (Good)

HanseMerkur emerged as the overall winner, meeting the established criteria most effectively. ARAG and Hallesche secured the second and third positions, respectively. HanseMerkur excelled particularly in providing the best rates, ARAG stood out with top-notch customer service, and Hallesche impressed with outstanding performance in the civil servant rate category and in the realm of transparency and convenience.

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