Understanding Motor Insurance Coverage for Riot Damage

Understanding Motor Insurance Coverage for Riot Damage

Introduction: Riots can cause unforeseen damage to your vehicle, including harm to the body, engine, and windshield. In such situations, it is crucial to understand how your motor insurance policy covers damages caused during riots and the process for filing a claim. Neeraj Prakash, Managing Director of Shriram General Insurance, provides insights into the coverage and claims process.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy Coverage: If you own a comprehensive insurance policy, you are eligible to file a claim for damages incurred during riots. A comprehensive policy includes both Own Damage (OD) cover and third-party insurance cover. The OD cover specifically addresses damage to your vehicle caused by riots, while third-party insurance protects against claims made by third parties for bodily injury, death, or damage to their property.

Claim Settlement for Riot Damage: The claim settlement amount for damage during riots is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the motor insurance policy. Deliberate actions by the policyholder to cause vehicle damage are not covered, and claims arising from such actions will not be honored. The insurance company assesses the circumstances to determine the legitimacy of the claim.

Intimation of Loss and Claim Settlement Process: In the event of vehicle damage during riots, policyholders should promptly inform their insurer about the incident. While immediate intimation is ideal, insurers may condone delays based on the merits of individual cases. Prakash emphasizes that delays should be considered in light of unavoidable circumstances, and insurers must provide sound logic and valid grounds for rejecting claims.

Initiating the Claim Process and Required Documents: To initiate the claim process, policyholders need to contact their insurer’s customer care or toll-free number. If the vehicle is at the incident site, a spot survey is conducted, and if the vehicle has been moved, it is taken to the workshop for a final survey. Documents required for settling riot-related claims include:

  1. Duly filled claim form
  2. copy of the insurance policy
  3. First Information Report (FIR) or Final Investigation Report
  4. Fire Brigade Report, if applicable
  5. Survey/Assessment Report substantiating the quantum of loss due to damage
  6. Original bills of repairs/replacement
  7. Newspaper cutting reporting the riot incident

Conclusion: Understanding the coverage and claim settlement process for riot-related damages is essential for motor insurance policyholders. By adhering to the necessary procedures and providing the required documentation, policyholders can facilitate a smoother claims process in the aftermath of a riot.

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